House Extension And Renovation

House Extension And Renovation

House Extension And Renovation Hornchurch

Stunning House Extension and Full Renovation Project in Hornchurch

Welcome to one of our recent house extension and full renovation project in Hornchurch. We take pride in delivering top-quality construction services that transform homes. In this project we completed the house extension, full house renovation, underfloor heating, plumbing, and electrical upgrades, all seamlessly blending modern design and functionality.

  • House Extension: – We expanded living space with an open-plan area, seamlessly blending it into the existing structure. This versatile area is perfect for entertaining guests or quality family time.
  • Full House Renovation: – Meticulous transformations breathed new life into every room, modernising the kitchen, upgrading bathrooms, refreshing bedrooms, and revamping common areas. We created a harmonious blend of functionality, style, and comfort.
  • Underfloor Heating: – Installed in key areas like the living room and bathrooms, underfloor heating ensures consistent warmth and energy efficiency, eliminating unsightly radiators.
  • Plumbing and Electrical Upgrades: – Our skilled experts modernised plumbing and electrical systems, offering improved performance, convenience, and safety. New fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms provide modern functionality and luxury, while upgraded electrical systems enhance energy efficiency to accommodate today’s demands.


This house extension and full renovation project in Hornchurch is a testament to our craftsmanship, from the seamless house extension to stylish interior transformations, underfloor heating, and system upgrades. Contact us today to discuss your dream home project and let us turn your vision into reality.

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